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High-density polyethylene waterproofing sheet manufactured by extrusion, providing greater uniformity of thickness and resistance throughout the width and length of the product.

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Coco biomantle 

It is a Natural Erosion Control Mantle sewn with coconut fibers that provides a temporary organic cover to prevent erosion, protect seeds, promote germination that results in the acceleration of natural or assisted revegetation (hydroseeding).

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Geotextil non woven 

Filter, drain and separation

Material made with virgin polyester fibers, needled and manufactured through calendering, providing excellent abrasion properties, high dimensional resistance and an excellent balance between permeability and particle retention.

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Geotextil knitting 

filter, separation, stabilization and reinforcement

Flat structure woven with high-tenacity polyester threads in the warp and weft directions, characterized by high mechanical and hydraulic performance.

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Permanent Cloak

It is a permanent anti-erosion geocomposite, formed by the association of a highly flexible, three-dimensional geomat, which has more than 90% voids, made from polyethylene filaments melted at the contact points, coupled to a high-strength polyester fabric. tenacity. Specially developed for the permanent control of erosion on slopes and watercourses.

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With more than 800,000 m2 that support us, we ensure an efficient installation of our waterproofing products with impeccable quality.

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