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Macro Structural Synthetic Fiber 

It is a hybrid structural synthetic macro fiber that is made up of two fibers: a braided one capable of generating a three-dimensional effort and increasing the load transfer capacity. The other one is fibrillated to reduce cracking due to plastic shrinkage and temperature. The fiber complies with the ASTM-C1116 Standard Specification.

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Synthetic Micro Fiber 

It is the concrete reinforcement microfiber, ideal for controlling microcracking at an early age. This secondary multidirectional reinforcement restrains plastic shrinkage cracking, improving the fatigue strength and toughness of the concrete.


 BLK Cosinus


Armored Construction Board

Featuring the best edge protection on the market. The sinusoidal waveform at the top of the floor prevents vibrations and neutralizes the impact of the wheels. The only system in the market for continuous load transfer in "double slide". A second sinusoidal wave in the center of the pavement, in combination with a continuous 3D anchoring system, creates an excellent performance and high efficiency load transfer system throughout the joint, without the use of pins.

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Metallic Fiber

It is a cold drawn monofilament steel fiber with optional anchoring. Provides the best solution for: -Reinforcement of industrial floors. -Manufacture of prestressed elements.

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Macro Synthetic Fiber 

It is a macro synthetic structural polypropylene fiber capable of converting concrete into a reinforced material, increasing resistance to bending and tension.

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BLK Barrier Bac 

Vapor Barrier 

It is a high performance sub-slab vapor retarder developed for the construction industry to retard the migration of moisture through concrete slabs. It can also be used to control radon, methane, sulfates, and many other soil contaminants.

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